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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

What Is Ninja Saga?

Ninja Saga? 
Ninja Saga is a Browser based MMORPG developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited in 2009. The game has seen a lot of great times, and harsh times and this is a game we have had first hand experience in. I've been playing this game  since 2009 . and this game is a stood strong as one of the top most played in facebook games all the time.
Ninja Saga is a game based off of Naruto, the popular Manga & Anime series written by Masashi Kishimato. The game tries to prevent itself from being called a clone of Naruto for legal reasons but becomes evidently clear to anyone use to the franchise. From the exact same Jutsu, Hair styles, pets and ingame weapons/items. [even though they copied the styles from other manga/anime]

Game Play
Ninja Saga starts off as you, the protagonist getting bullied by other ninjas. Then “shin” the sensei at the Academy teaches you how to defend for yourself by teaching you how to use Jutsu (skills). Each player gets to choose an element that appeals to him from Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Lightning which are focused around Damage, Healing, Sustain and Critical strikes. Just like any combat game you must make sure your opponents HP (health) is drained to zero, by using your skill sets and using your Chakra (mana) efficiently. The combat is a turn based combat system, where each player gets to equip up to 8 skills which could be a mix of TaiJutsu (Physical hand to hand combat), GenJutsu (Illusions) and NinJutsu (Skills based off the 2 you chose elements)  and of course your weapon. Later on the battling system becomes slightly more complicated with the introduction of a Pet system, a Class System, and a Talent System (Blood Lines).

Ninja Saga PVP

The game is very competitive and PvP plays a major role in the game, even though there are no leader boards, and no rewards for being  top 1. PvP is mostly done through communities that have formed around the game that are dedicated to keeping the game fun, entertaining, and a whole lot more rewarding.

Clan War
Ninja Saga CLan src=

The clan wars system in Ninja Saga is by far one of the worst in existence. It does not make sense in theory or in practicality. It only makes sense in profitability, clans are fueled by “Tokens” the ingame premium currency, yes… The only game we have ever played that actually played upon this. Normally what you would expect is for there to be a reasonable method of battle, like a pvp based system, but no. You have the option to either “Quick Battle” or “Manual Battle”. Each user has “Stamina”, when the stamina of all users drop in a clan they start giving away “Reputation” the number that decides the winner. But here’s where the problem is “Stamina” is brought for Tokens, the premium in game currency or by waiting 30 minutes (or more depending on how much money your clan of up to 250 members decide to donate) all in all what ends up happening is a functioning system .

Click Here to Play Ninja Saga
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